Fedora Magazine

Fedora Magazine is a WordPress-based site which delivers all the news of the Fedora Community. (It replaced the older publication, Fedora Weekly News.)

What does the Magazine publish?

The content of the magazine varies, but mostly includes:

  • General Announcements / News

  • Tips on how to use software in Fedora

  • Ideas for cool apps to try

  • Ways to more effectively develop software using Fedora

  • DIY hardware projects you can power with Fedora

  • …​ And everything else related to Fedora in general!

Join the Magazine Team

We really need your help on the Magazine. Consider writing an article. There is also a detailed guide on how to make a post on the magazine.

We also have regular editorial board meetings on chat.fedoraproject.org. See the Meeting and Publication Schedule for exactly when and where.

We also have two areas on the discussion.fedoraproject.org forum for Fedora Magazine topics. One section (under the Team Workflows category) is reserved just for article proposals. When you start a new topic there, the post should be pre-populated with a simple outline that you can complete to make a new proposal. The other area is for anything else related to Fedora Magazine. These can be posts about the site theme, the tools and platforms being used in the workflow, when weekly meetings will be held (or skipped), or anything else. All non-article-proposal posts concerning Fedora Magazine should be tagged with the special #magazine tag.