Writing an article for the Fedora Magazine

Now that you have an approved pitch, you can write your article. Here’s a template you can use to structure your article well, and make it as useful as possible to readers. Make sure you set the article status from Pitch to Draft once you receive approval.

As you write your draft, try to understand and follow the style, grammar, and SEO guidelines for the Magazine. Don’t skip this step! The guidelines tell you how to use markup, write better sentences, and get your article ranked well in search engines. Also, if you write a better article, the editors are more likely to publish it sooner.

When you’re completely finished, submit the article for review. Set your article’s Status as Pending review in the Publish box at top right, and email the mailing list. The editors will review your draft, and provide feedback to you via the mailing list. Please note that once you mark your article as Pending review the editors assume you believe the article is ready to publish.