Fedora Magazine Editor of the Week

Starting 25 June 2020, Magazine-related discussions have moved to a new place: the Fedora Magazine Discourse forum. New article proposals are also being submitted there.

In order to promote accountability and spread the workload, we have the Editor of the Week role for Fedora Magazine.


The Editor of the Week will be selected by volunteer basis at each week’s Magazine Editorial Board meeting. Editors who cannot attend the meeting can volunteer by contacting the current Editor of the Week prior to the start of the meeting. If the meeting is canceled, the current Editor of the Week should coordinate selection via the asynchronous communication channel (i.e. mailing list or Discourse).

If multiple Editors volunteer to be the Editor of the Week, we expect they can work it out among themselves. However, in general we should prefer the volunteer who has least recently served as Editor of the Week in order to fairly distribute the workload.

If no one volunteers, then the current Editor of the Week should request volunteers via the asynchronous communication channel.


The term of the Editor of the Week is one calendar week (beginning the Sunday following the meeting where the Editor of the Week was selected and ending on Saturday).


The Editor of the Week is expected to:

  • Routinely moderate comments (2-3 times a day is ideal)

  • Ensure the publication schedule is followed

  • Welcome new contributors

  • Convert approved proposals to Taiga cards

  • Chair the weekly Magazine Editorial Board meeting

Note that Editors who are not the Editor of the Week may still perform the tasks above.