Proposing Articles

Starting 20 September 2019, the Fedora Magazine is testing a new editorial workflow — see the page to learn how to propose new articles or write some.
fedora magazine workflow 1

Anyone is welcome to propose an article!

The proposal can be either just an idea, or a specific pitch (an example is below). Proposing an article doesn’t automatically mean the same person needs to write it. Having a good set of ideas helps writers to just write what they know is relevant for the Magazine, without necessarily thinking about new content just so they can write something.

Submitting an idea

If you don’t have a Fedora account, you can email your proposal to the Fedora Magazine list.

A specific pitch example

The following article serves as an example outline for proposing a new pitch for the Fedora Magazine. This example was used for the Never leave IRC again with ZNC article.

Summary: Describe how to set up an IRC bouncer using ZNC

Description: The purpose of this article would be to describe what an IRC bouncer is and how someone can set up their own ZNC instance to connect to IRC networks and remain persistently connected to channels. The article would aim to educate the user about two things: what and how. Since IRC is a major communication platform for Fedora (and most free and open-source project communities), this article would ideally promote using IRC as well. The flow of the article would be as follows:

  • What is an IRC bouncer / proxy and how does it work?

  • Introducing ZNC

  • Download, installing, and configuring ZNC on a Fedora machine

  • Configuring IRC client to use your ZNC bouncer