Fedora Websites

There are currently TWO different websites repositories.

For getfedora.org (aka "the new websites repo"), use https://pagure.io/fedora-web/websites/. For {alt,arm,iot,spins,labs}.fedoraproject.org, use https://pagure.io/fedora-websites.

All documentation here assumes the new websites repository, except the "Old Websites Setup (Docker)" page.

The Fedora Websites project owns and maintains the Project’s online presence. Among other things, the team:

  • Works closely with the Fedora Design team to build our websites in a way that is visually pleasing, easy to use, accessible to everybody, and provides a good experience for newcomers and existing users and contributors alike.

  • Works closely with the Fedora Translations team to ensure that websites are able to be translated into different languages.

  • Maintains the content of the websites, updating it as necessary for releases, new editions, new spins, and so on.

  • Typically has one member (either in Design or Websites) who sits on the Fedora Mindshare committee.

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