Our tasks

The team designs, develops and maintains the Fedora’s websites and applications.

These involve a variety of tasks suitable for both newcomers and experienced contributors.

Something for everyone

Web technologies, being a very widespread technological stack and an avid point of interest for those involved in marketing, product design, project management etc., the team is in constant need of community contributors who are willing to work on these.

Are you a newcomer to web development?

It is highly recommended for newcomers to web development to join us in our periodic meetings and introduce themselves to start with. According to the level of experience, the team members would help curate issue tickets suitable for them and provide mentorship/guidance wherever necessary in technological stacks like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. This documentation should also consist enough information to help them get started with contributing.

Are you an experienced in web development?

The team often has an array of tickets that demand more advanced knowledge and experience in our technological stack and management operations, and they could always use all the help that we can get. They are always interested to work with developers that bring something new to the table and actively assist in maintaining the status quo of the team. The contributors are requested to participate in the periodic meetings and reach out to the team.

Example tasks

Adding temporary content to websites

Temporary elements such as beta release indicators on the Fedora Linux offering websites, and banners for surveys and events are to be placed periodically.

Developing approved design mockups

After the design mockups have gone through a review process and ready for implementation, they need to be developed into a final interactive project.

Participating in the periodic meetings

The team connects periodically on a meeting to discuss updates, blockers and plans on activities, either synchronously on call or asynchronously on chat.

Updating server-side code

Websites and applications need to be hosted on a relevant environment (development. staging or deployment), depending on the phase and maturity of the project.

Improving language and accessibility support

This involves working alongside the localization teams for translating the available content to various languages and provide accessibility options.

Revamping websites to improve user experience

In order to keep up with the current internet standards, older websites need to be rebooted using newer design methodologies and tech stacks.

Writing documentation for contributors

Establishing processes and ensuring reproducibility of the activities is better supported by documentation to guide contributors through them.

Creating issue tickets and triaging them

To note the tasks involved in making the aforementioned activities happen and to prioritize them, the team uses certain issue trackers and task boards.

Report a bug

Did you find a bug on one of our websites?

Please see these instructions on fixing bugs.

Otherwise, please report them on our repository.