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Who We Are

The Fedora Websites & Apps team works on the frontend and backend of Fedora’s websites and web applications. This team is a reboot of the previous Fedora Website’s team, created by community members to update and improve Fedora’s web presence and online documentation.

We are a growing team of developers with a range of skills and interests. One of our team’s first goals is to set up the foundation of an empowering mentorship program.

Our Collaborations

Working on both websites and web applications, our team is regularly communicating and working with different stakeholders in Fedora’s community.

  • We work closely with the Fedora Design team to build our websites that are visually pleasing, easy to use, and accessible to everybody.

  • Along with the design team, we also work closely with Fedora Infrastructure on backend technologies.

  • We also collaborate with the Fedora Translations team to ensure that websites are able to be translated into different languages.

  • A généralement un membre (soit du Design, soit des Sites web) qui siège au comité Mindshare Fedora.

What We Do

The W&A Team updates and maintains the code bases for Fedora’s websites and web applications. We collaborate closely with the Fedora Design team and Fedora Infrastructure to implement new designs and update backend code. The W&A team is regularly working on a variety of tasks that are suitable for new and experienced contributors.

Tasks Include:

  • Adding temporary content to websites

  • Coding design mockups provided by the Design Team

  • Updating server side code

  • Improving language and accessiblity support

  • Revamping websites to improve user experience

  • Writing documentation for contributors

The Web and Apps Team Revamp

In 2021, the Fedora Websites Team began a revamp into the Fedora Websites & Apps Team. This was was started in order to facilitate the growing interest in Fedora’s web presence as well as a need for a knowledgeable group of contributors to focus on keeping Fedora’s websites and apps up to date current with modern web standards.

How To Get Involved

To get involved with the Fedora W&A team get in touch with us through the email list or by messaging us on Telegram. We are looking for both front and backend contributors of all skill levels. If you are interested in getting active, feel free to check out the open tickets on pagure.

We also welcome new contributors to our weekly meetings. If you have something that you would like to address, send a message to one of our team leads ahead of time so that we can plan to discuss your topic at an upcomming session.


In order to become a member of the Fedora Website & Apps Team, the applicant must be register at Fedora Accounts and set up an account with the Pagure gitforge.

By becoming a Fedora Contributor, you accept these terms.

Are You New to Web Development?

We flag tickets that are suitable for new contributors and those whom are newer to html, css, js, and python. If you aren’t sure where to start, or cannot find documentation that you are looking for, get in touch with one of our team members and they will help point you in the right direction.

One of the goals of our revamp is to offer mentorship to those who are new to the field, or just interested in advancing their skills. If you are interested in mentorship, get in touch with one of our admins and they will help connect you with someone for mentorship opportunities.

Are you an experienced Web Developer?

We often have tickets that demand more advanced knowledge of the technologies in our stack, and as web development is such a fast moving field, we are always interested to work with developers that bring something new to the table. Do you see something that you would like to work on? Please get in touch with us.


We hold weekly meetings to review tickets and other tasks, touch base on direction, check in with one another, discuss team direction, and plan activities. Feel free to join us and get involved or to come and ask any questions that you have. We are a diverse team that is always looking for new contributors.

  • Location: Jitsi Room

  • Day: Tuesdays

  • Time: 15:00 - 16:00 UTC

Communication Channels

The W&A Team has a couple different lines of communication. Get in touch with us in any of the following ways (most being connected together):

  • Telegram: Fedora Websites and Apps Telegram Group

  • Discussion Forum: Public Discussion Space

  • Email List: Announcements, new member introductions

  • Matrix: Fedora Websites and Apps Matrix Channel

  • IRC: Fedora Websites and App IRC Channel


The W&A Team is made up of people who work on all levels of the tech stack. We value perspectives and experience from all positions of the tech stack. Check out these resources for your own setup. We are always working to expand our instructional material and documentation.

Fedora’s Website Tech Stacks

  • Fedora Community Blog: Wordpress

  • Fedora Websites: Flask, Jinja, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Python 3

  • Fedora Docs: Asciidoc


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