Fedora Websites & Apps Team

Welcome to the official documentation for the Fedora Websites & Apps Team. The team was rebooted in 2021 as a part of the Websites & Apps Community Revamp Objective. With the onset of this council objective, the team has been growing ever since with developers, designers and project managers having a wide range of skills and interests all members of the team and contributing to the Fedora Websites and Apps. It now organizes around Websites Gitlab and Matrix Websites chat.

About the team

Our websites are of top priority and importance, being our web-based representation to the wider community of users and contributors. The team works on designing, developing and maintaining user-friendly interfaces. The community-led team consists of voluntary contributors from around the world that are involved in activities such as the following:

  • Consolidate key Fedora Project websites into a single uniform scheme: in terms of design (look/feel and UI/UX), engineering (tech stack and implementation) and operation (navigation and content), the team attempts to maintain the websites as consistently as possible.

  • Develop frontend and backend components of Fedora’s web applications: with the use of frontend tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the related frameworks) and backend tools (Python, Ansible, JavaScript and the related frameworks), the team develops and maintains the web applications.

  • Making websites as fun and exciting as the project they represent: a book might not be judged by its cover but a project is likely to be judged by the website it is represented by. The team ensures that the websites precisely represent the project’s details and offerings.

  • Help maintain content that doesn’t fall under any particular subproject: much of the content that the team maintains is generic in nature, like documentation, community wiki, event banners which do not fit in a certain subteam or SIG.

In addition to the Websites and Apps Team, we have two other teams we’re working closely with. These teams have a specific objective and once that objective has been met, the teams will disband and their work adopted by the main Websites and Apps Team.

Fedora Websites Revamp Stakeholders Team

The subteam consists of folks from the design team and various other subprojects, SIGs and workgroups where they come up with mockups for the offerings websites, review them and improve upon them continually.

Fedora Websites Engineering Team

The subteam looks into the technical side of things - helping with developing and maintaining the websites in the state that they are in for now, assisting with the issue tickets and onboarding/mentoring contributors.

Fedora Websites and Apps Objective Co-leads Team

This team looks into the cohesion of the websites and apps community - introspecting the current state of the teams, attempting to attract new contributors and ensuring existing contributors feel rewarded and that the objective outcomes are met. More information is available on the next page, see our Council Objective page.

Our collaborators

In order to work in a community with as many diverse projects and stakeholders as the Fedora Project, the team aims to communicate and collaborate regularly with different community members from various subprojects, SIGs and workgroups within Fedora. The activities on specific websites and applications are coordinated by the relevant points of contact.

List of collaborators

Design Team

The subproject has been actively helping with creating mockups and wireframes, evaluating user interfaces and providing visual content.

Fedora Infrastructure

The subproject assists the development and maintenance efforts by providing support on backend technologies and hosting.

Localization Team

The subproject supports with translating content strings across various Fedora Websites and Applications into different languages/dialects.

Mindshare Committee

There is a representative for the team in the Fedora Mindshare committee for outreach leadership and unifying/sharing working progress.

Program Management Team

The subproject helps plan, schedule, track and coordinate tasks that help achieve the outcomes of the council objective and of the team.

Friends of Fedora

Red Hat Community Platform Engineering team

A Red Hat team dedicated to the Fedora and CentOS projects where they contribute to the infrastructure and release engineering.

Red Hat Open Source Program Office engineers

A Red Hat team that supports various Open Source technology initiatives across the Red Hat technology ecosystem.