Setting up a Virtual Machine

The images generated are compressed raw disk images. They can be utilised both on physical devices and used as disks on a virtualisation platform. The images work without change on qemu/KVM.

On qemu/KVM the tools that can be used to run the image in a VM include Virtual Machine Manager, GNOME Boxes or virsh cli. These tools are available in most Linux distributions. Decompress the image as below and then create a new virtual machine and when asked for storage point the tool at the existing disk image.

$ xz -d [filename].raw.xz

Use with VirtualBox

The images we produce need to be converted to be used with VirtalBox. This can be done with the qemu-img command found in the qemu-img package.

$ xz -d [filename].raw.xz
$ qemu-img convert -f raw [filename].raw -O vdi [filename].vdi