Package Orphaning Process

This page contains instructions for working with orphan packages as specified in Policy for Orphan and Retired Packages.

Orphaning Procedure

  1. If the package has co-maintainers, contact them to ask whether one of them wants to take over ownership of the package. This step is optional. If no co-maintainer can be found to take over the package, the package should be given to the orphan user.

The current list of maintainers can be found in the Users & Groups tab of the setting for the package repo. The URL will look something like this:

  1. After the first step is finished, go again to the settings tab for your package’s Pagure repository. Navigate down to the Give Project section and give the project to the new maintainer or the orphan user (in case no new maintainer was selected).

  2. For completeness, under the Users and Groups section, remove yourself from the list as well.

  3. Also reset your watch status if you do not want to be CC’ed on new package bugs.

  4. If the package was given to the orphan user, announce on the devel mailing list which package you orphaned, so that others have a chance to take over as maintainer.

  5. Reassign the package’s tickets to the orphan user,

After completing these steps, the package is orphaned. If nobody takes over the orphan package in six weeks, it is automatically retired by Release Engineering.

Claiming Ownership of an Orphaned Package

  1. Check why the package was orphaned by looking for the email at devel.

  2. Announce on devel which packages you want to take over.

  3. Log in to On the page with the orphaned package, click the ✋ Take button in the left column. (If the option doesn’t work for you, submit a ticket to the Release Engineering team, stating which package you want to claim and that this option didn’t work.)

  4. Reassign and claim all open bug reports for the package in Bugzilla.

Lists of Orphan and Retired Packages