Release No-Go SOP

This document outlines the procedure for when a relase is declared "no-go".

  1. Shift to the next target milestone in the schedule.

  2. Update the dates in the report and office hours files.

  3. Send an announcement email similar to the below to,,, and

  4. Cancel the go/no-go meeting if the "no-go" determination is made preemptively.

No-go announcement email

The example below is based on the case where a release is preemptively declared "no go" due to oustanding blockers.
Due to outstanding blocker bugs[1], we do not have a current release candidate. As a result, Fedora Linux <VERSION> <MILESTONE> is NO-GO.

The next Fedora Linux <VERSION> <MILESTONE> Go/No-Go meeting[2] will be held at 1700 UTC on Thursday <DATE> in <CHANNEL>. We will aim for the <TARGET> milestone of <TARGET_DATE>. The release schedule[3] has been updated accordingly.