Como criar um Badge do Fedora

Esta página explica como projetar e criar novos Fedora Badges. Este guia explica o seguinte:

  • Diretrizes de revisão para a criação de uma insígnia

  • Configure o Inkscape para insígnias do Fedora

  • Obtenção de arquivos de modelo de insígnias

Guia de revisão do estilo das insígnias

Consulte o guia de estilo do Fedora Badges para saber como os insígnias são criadas. O guia de estilo fornece explicações e sugestões de formas, cores e outros requisitos para criar boas insígnias. Consulte isso com frequência ao criar novas insígnias. Seguir este guia torna os envios de novas insígnias mais fáceis de revisar e menos tempo para refazer um emblema a partir do feedback.

Guia de Estilo de Insígnias do Fedora (última revisão: janeiro de 2014)

Configurar o Inkscape

Inkscape is recommended for designing Fedora Badges. Other Badge designers use Inkscape. Providing help and support is easier if you use the same tools.

Install Inkscape

Using Fedora? Reference the Fedora Magazine’s Getting started with Inkscape on Fedora article for help. For other operating systems, see Inkscape’s downloads portal for help installing it.

Download and install color palettes

Common color schemes are recommended for Fedora Badges. The following palettes provide the recommended colors for Inkscape. With these palettes, common colors will appear in the color toolbar of Inkscape. These palettes may work with other design programs, but they are not officially supported.

To install, move the downloaded palette files to ~/.config/inkscape/palettes To access the newly installed palettes, in Inkscape, find the palette bar at the bottom of the screen and click triangle at the right end and select your desired palette.

Install Comfortaa typeface

Badges with text use the Comfortaa typeface. The Comfortaa typeface is used across the Fedora community. Install the typeface so it is available in your design program. Note: If you use Fedora, the font may already be installed.

Download Badge template assets

Different Fedora Badges templates are available to choose from. Templates are organized in different categories below.

Badge shapes

All Fedora Badges have a common shape. Some have different color rings depending on the type of badge (see Fedora Badges Style Guide). Not sure what template to use? Ask for help in a Fedora Badges ticket and a designer will help you choose.

Content templates

Content templates are common patterns or content used across many badges. The Badges team encourages using these templates where possible. It helps maintain a consistent theme across the Badges site.

Tutorial content

Tutorial content are pre-created, individual designs to help you design a Fedora Badge. Tutorial content was created for other badges, but can be reused in future designs. If you want to try out a new design, try using these to create your ideas!

[[Further reading]] === Further reading

More information about the way that Fedora badges are created, added to Pagure and distributed to the community are available.