Fedora Beta Release

Based on the GO/NOGO meeting if the currnet compose is GO. The following steps need to be taken.

Koji chnages

$ koji clone-tag --all --latest-only f38 f38-Beta
$ koji clone-tag --all --latest-only f38-modular f38-Beta-modular

Stage release to mirrors

$ sh scripts/stage-release.sh 38_Beta Fedora-38-YYYYMMDD.0 _Beta-1.2 fedora-38 1

Please update YYYYMMDD in the above command accordingly.


Make sure to grab the directory size usage numbers which is used to send an email to mirror-admin@lists.fedoraproject.org list.

Sync the signed checksums to stage

We need to sync the signed checksums to /pub/alt/stage/ by running the following command

$ for dir in Cloud Container Everything Kinoite Labs Modular Sericea Server Silverblue Spins Workstation metadata; do sudo -u ftpsync rsync -avhH /mnt/koji/compose/38/Fedora-38-20221105.0/compose/$dir/ /pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.7/$dir/ --link-dest=/pub/fedora/linux/releases/38/Everything/ --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.2/Everything/ --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.3/Everything --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.4/Everything --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.5/Everything --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.6/Everything --link-dest=/pub/alt/stage/38_RC-1.7/Everything; done

Set release in Bodhi to pending

$ bodhi releases edit --name F38 --state pending

Lift RelEng freeze

Lift the RelEng Freeze so that the updates will be pushed to stable. This is done by editing RelEngFrozen variable in infra ansible repo and then run the bodhi playbook. Set also FedoraBranchedBodhi variable to postbeta

Run the playbooks

$ sudo rbac-playbook groups/releng-compose.yml
$ sudo rbac-playbook groups/bodhi-backend.yml