Mass rebuild information.


Periodically we do mass rebuilds of rawhide during the development cycle. This SOP will outline the steps necessary to do this.


This assumes that the mass rebuild has already been approved and scheduled via release engineering and FESCo. Coordinate with infrastructure as well for any needed koji updates.

This also assumes that the mass rebuild does not need to be done in dependency order, and that the mass rebuild does not involve a ABI change.


The most important thing to keep in mind while doing a mass rebuild is to communicate clearly what actions are being performed and the status of the rebuild.

Check in on scripts frequently to avoid a long stalled command from adding significant delays in completing the rebuild.

Check with secondary arches, whether they up-to-date enough with primary, create rebuild tag and target when they are. It will then take care of rebuilds of the arch specific packages in appropriate kojis.


Preparatory Steps

The following steps may be completed in the weeks leading up to the scheduled mass rebuild.