Multi-Build Updates

We are working on this workflow and will update this page and send an announcement when it is ready or available for testing. This is a work in progress and we would love to have your input on how this should work from a user experience perspective. Please reach out to us on #fedora-ci or get in touch with any member of the team.

You can find some hints about the direction we are taking in:

What Are Multi-build Updates?

Multi-build updates contain multiple builds that are tightly coupled together.

For compiled packages that rely on a certain ABI or soname, it is easy to understand how they are tightly coupled. However, non-binary programs can also have such strong dependencies.

For example, the packages rpms/python-urllib3 and rpms/python-requests are heavily linked. Updates to python-urllib3 need to take python-requests into consideration. Sometime the update is fine, sometime it needs to wait for a new version of python-requests, in which case both builds need to be tested together as one unit.

Packages of this style are candidates for the multi-build update workflow. They need to be built and tested together.