Working with Community Platform Engineering

This document explains the basic principles of working with the CPE team. These rules are necessary to allow the team to operate efficiently and to allow us to plan our work.

The general rules are:

  • Do not ping a single person

    By doing this you reduce the number of people having access to your request drastically, meaning, if that person is busy with something else, your request may take much longer to be processed.

  • If it is not in a ticket, it did not happen

    We need to have everything in tickets. This helps us share knowledge within the team, efficiently track our workload, and identify recurring issues which may be indicative of an underlying problem we need to fix in a more systemic manner.

    Even if you have discussed something on IRC, or in a corridor with someone in the team, you want to log the discussion and its outcome in a ticket so we can get back to it later when we need to investigate why this change was made.

  • When you cannot open a ticket

    There are a few cases where it is acceptable to send an email or to reach directly to people, for example if you cannot access or authenticate to the ticket tracking system :)

    In this case, you do not want to send your email or ping a single person (cf the first point above).

    • In Fedora, you can use the email admin @

    • In CentOS, you can contact the sysadmins on the #centos-devel channel on

Both projects have their own, additional, processes for their day to day work, which you can find in: