How to Get Sponsored into the Packager Group

Packager sponsor policy governs sponsorship for the packager group. This page contains some additional tips that are not part of the policy.

Discovering packages that need maintenance

Orphaned packages

You can find orphaned packages in need of maintenance in notifications sent to the devel mailing list. If you notice an orphaned package that you are willing to maintain, post to devel, explaining that you are not in the packager group yet, but that after you have completed the sponsoring process, you are interested in adopting or co-maintaining the package. The kind of replies you may get include:

  • A warning to reconsider this plan, due to serious problems with the package.

  • A note that the package has already been adopted, possibly with an invitation to contribute in its maintenance (which itself may lead to eventual sponsoring through the co-maintenance route.)

  • An offer to help with the process, perhaps from the previous maintainer or a potential sponsor.

Review requests

If you plan to comment on review requests to demonstrate your level of understanding, you can search the list of reviews in progress and the list of unassigned review requests for review requests to comment on.

How to find a sponsor

Usually, a sponsor finds you through your sponsorship request in Bugzilla or the packager sponsors pagure instance. In case you are waiting to be sponsored for longer than desirable, take a look at Sponsors page. It will help you find the right sponsor for you based on programming language preference, domains of interest, native language, and other criteria.