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Gestion des paquets

Il existe deux types de système Fedora : « traditionnels », qui utilise le DNF, et « basés sur des images » qui utilise rpm-ostree.

Gestion des paquets traditionnelle

Sur un système Fedora traditionnel, les logiciels sont divisés en paquets RPM, qui peuvent être gérés via DNF.

Gestion hybride d’images/paquets

The "Atomic" variant of Fedora uses rpm-ostree to update the host. rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system. By default, installations are in "image" mode using OSTree, but additional packages can be installed. It also supports overrides, rebases, and many other features. For more information, see its online documentation.

Additionally, the atomic CLI supports installation of system containers, which are Docker/OCI images distinct from the host user space. For more information, see its online documentation.