Installation Media

We provide ready to use ISO images that include pre-installed software. These can either be used "live" without installation, or they can be used to set up a Fedora Linux Workstation based system that includes a set of Neuroscience software.

Computational Neuroscience

A Fedora Linux Workstation based ISO image is available for download from the Fedora website.

It includes a variety of simulators and analysis tools used in computational neuroscience, such as: auryn, bionetgen, calcium-calculator, COPASI, qalculate, getdp, genesis-simulator, gnuplot, moose, nest, neuron, neurord, octave, paraview, python3, brian2, ipython, nest, neuron, libNeuroML, neo, nineml, PyLEMS, and smoldyn.

It also includes the Python Science stack: matplotlib, jupyter notebook, numpy, pandas, pillow, scikit-image, scikit-learn, scipy, statsmodels, and sympy. Additionally, it also includes Julia and R programming languages that are commonly used for analysis.

More software from the Fedora repositories can be installed using the package manager.