Bem-vindo ao Fedora

O Projeto Fedora é uma parceria entre membros da comunidade de Software Livre ao redor do mundo. O Projeto Fedora constrói comunidades de software livre e produz uma distribuição do Linux com o nome Fedora.

A missão do Projeto Fedora é liderar o avanço do software e conteúdo Livre e Aberto como uma comunidade colaborativa. Os três elementos dessa missão são claros:

  • O Projeto Fedora sempre se esforça para liderar, e não seguir.

  • The Fedora Project consistently seeks to create, improve, and spread Free/Libre code and content.

  • The Fedora Project succeeds through shared action on the part of many people throughout our community.

To find out more general information about Fedora, refer to the following pages, on the Fedora Project Wiki:

Need Help?

There are a number of places you can get assistance should you run into problems.

If you run into a problem and would like some assistance, go to Many answers are already there, but if you don’t find yours, you can simply post a new question. This has the advantage that anyone else with the same problem can find the answer, too.

You may also find assistance on the #fedora channel on the IRC net Keep in mind that the channel is populated by volunteers wanting to help, but folks knowledgeable about a specific topic might not always be available.

Want to Contribute?

You can help the Fedora Project community continue to improve Fedora if you file bug reports and enhancement requests. Refer to Bugs And Feature Requests on the Fedora Wiki for more information about bug and feature reporting. Thank you for your participation.