Software for computational neuroscience

The following tools are among the software currently available

NEST simulator

The neural simulation tool.


A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks.


Multiscale Neuroscience and Systems Biology Simulator.


The GEneral NEural Simulation System.


LEMS interpreter implemented in Python.


A tool for reading, writing and generally working with 9ML.


Stochastic reaction-diffusion simulator.

Software that is in the queue for inclusion is listed here

Searching and installing software

You can search the complete set of software available in Fedora using the Fedora packages application. DNF can also be used to search the packages provided in the Fedora repositories:

sudo dnf search <search text>

Software can be installed using the DNF package manager:

sudo dnf install <package name> (1)
1 The name of the package.

Detailed information on installing specific software where needed is documented on independent pages linked in the side bar. A complete list of software maintained by the NeuroFedora SIG can be found here. If you use Free/Open source software that is not included in Fedora, you can suggest more software for inclusion in NeuroFedora.